Actively Black x John Carlos Vintage Tee

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Unisex Sizing

PREMIUM, Cut & Sew

Acid washed for Vintage Tee Look and Feel

Loose Fit


This tee was designed in honor of the amazing Dr. John Carlos who planned and participated one of the most iconic moments in Sports activism history. At the 1968 Olympics, John Carlos raised his fist at the podium to bring attention to the inequalities and atrocities being faced by Black people back in America, and for those oppressed all over the world. He was kicked out of the Olympic village and off the team. When he arrived back home, he was met with hate, death threats and backlash. For a long time he couldn't find work and was outcast for the stance that he took. No matter the hardship, John Carlos never wavered and he has dedicated his life to fighting racism, social injustice and advocating for black athletes to use their platforms to speak out for our people. We salute John Carlos and the lifetime of work he has done for Black people.