How To Manage Your Hair While Staying Active

How To Manage Your Hair While Staying Active How To Manage Your Hair While Staying Active


For some Black women, silk press season isn't just a seasonal trend—it's a year-round ministry. We’ve all been there where we skip the gym after a fresh blow-out, silk press or rollerset. But when the silk press life is your daily preference, something has to give.

So instead of skipping the gym, Mielle x Actively Black have teamed up to uncover the best way to clap back at heat and humidity so your silk-press can have the right bounce and body to match your fitness goals.

Tip 1: Solid Foundation

The key to success is similar to those that drive your progress in the gym: consistency and a strong foundation. 

You want to make sure you are getting consistent trims and using a great shampoo and conditioner to make sure your scalp is cleansed, your hair is moisturized and has the right foundation for that frizz-free flowy finish.

Tip 2: Heat Protection

Heat is not necessarily the enemy. It’s more of the way that it is applied. A good silk press that can last for weeks depends on what you use to protect it. Try Mielle’s silicone-free Stay Straight Serum for that 450 degree heat protection, body and shine while kicking frizz to the curb. 

Tip 3: Wrap It Tight

Just like you break your workouts into sets, it’s time to separate your silk press. Section your hair right down the middle and put them into two or more buns, depending on your length and hair density. The shorter your hair the more buns you’ll need. Make sure to wrap them tight enough to avoid moisture migration from your scalp down your strands, but not tight enough to run the risk of breakage! That right amount of tension is going to reduce the amount that your roots can swell from sweat.

Tip 4: Compression

Use our Mielle x Actively Black sweat-wicking headband to absorb sweat at your hairline or at the nape of your neck. The key is to make sure it’s secure and to leave it on until your hair is completely dry. Since that might be hours after your workout has been completed, might as well sport a cute headband on your next zoom meeting so you can feel cute and confident as you wait it out.

Tip 5: Touch Ups

Sweat is the name of the game and sometimes you may not be able to outrun a little reversion. If that happens, it’s ok to give your hair a little touch up. Just grab your stay straight serum for that 450 degree protection and added shine. Try to evenly distribute the product and stick to one pass to minimize the chance of heat damage.


  1. Section it off
  2. Wrap it tight
  3. Make sure it’s secure
  4. Wait for it to dry
  5. Touch it up


With the rise of running clubs and the pilates-princess aesthetic, no one wants shrinkage or a frizzy wash-n-go to be the reason you miss out on your next hot girl workout. The key to curl confidence both before and after the gym is stretching your curls or slicking them back with high hold products that hold your curls down better than the buzz from your favorite pre-workout.

Tip 1: Pineapple It

After you’ve styled your curls, take the Mielle x Active Black Headwrap and flip the widest part to the back. If you’re looking for some added definition or your curls need a little reflex, grab Mielle’s Pomegranate & Honey Curl Defining Mousse with Hold to finger coil any pieces

Tip 2: Slick It Back

If you’re coming up against your next wash day, don’t be afraid to slick your curls back into a bun or curly pony with Mielle’s Pomegranate & Honey Max Hold Gel Styler. Apply the gel to damp hair, smooth it back, and secure it with a hair tie. Not only will you keep your curls from flying around in your face as you show the treadmill who is boss, but you keep curls free from frizz.

Use Mielle’s Pomegranate & Honey Max Hold Gel Styler to slick your curls back into a sleek bun or ponytail. Apply the gel to damp hair, smooth it back, and secure it with a hair tie. This will keep your curls fret-free during your workout.


  1. Slick it back or pineapple it up



When it doubt, protective style it out. Sometimes the best thing for your scalp when working out is a nice low manipulation style. However, sweat is filled with a high salt content so sometimes letting it sit in your curls or braids can actually dry your hair and scalp out. 

Tip 1: A sweat wicking headband

There are some ways to absorb sweat, especially around your hairline. Grab a sweat wicking headband to soak up some of the excess wetness and salt content.

Tip 2: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Post your workout don’t be afraid to grab Mielle’s Pomade-to-Oil Scalp & Hair Quencher for some added, long lasting moisture. You can swap the pomade-to-oil with our Rosemary Mint Light Strengthening Scalp & Hair Oil if you are looking for a lighter weight solution. 

Tip 3: Use a Cleansing Oil

Not all oils were created equal. Our cleansing oil is great for when you are rocking protective styles and in need of a little post-workout scalp refresh. Just apply the oil directly to those sweaty or dirty areas and grab a damp towel to wash away any debris or excess oil.

Tip 3: Scrub-a-dub

On wash days, may sure to cleanse away all of the dirt, debris and excess salt content from your scalp with our clarifying, yet moisturizing Sugar Scalp Scrub. 


  1. Wrap it up
  2. Moisturize
  3. Cleanse
  4. Scrub-a-dub

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